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The most successful business strategic and tactical planning requires models that emulate the real world environment in which the business operates. Modeling should be used to capture inter-relationships and interactions among all key factors that could substantially affect business outcomes. While we can never know all of these factors, and uncertainty will always exist, we seek to document as much as feasible in a business modeling framework.

Ultimately, we are interested in using models to advance the goals of the business including customer retention and growth, market share and profitability. It is critical to have a model-based resource to forecast what will change when, where, by how much, and how the changes affect the business performance. It is important that business have flexible tools that enable changes in assumptions and use of updated data to assess what-if scenarios. Very short-term and long-term scenarios need to be updated and evaluated frequently.

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Holistic Processes. Proximity works with businesses to develop models that meet these needs. The models are used to specify cause and effect relationships among key variables that are business results or may affect business outcomes. Goals, objectives and knowledge of the interactions among the variables are specified in mathematical/statistical terms that are then estimated. We have a confluence of model specification, data, and modeling-related software that can be viewed as integrated decision-making information components requiring human interaction, interpretation, judgment. One rendering of these components and their interaction is shown the graphic at the right.

Importantly, the model specifications involve assumptions and refreshed real world data that change every day. Proximity helps clients develop processes to keep key data updated and available in the modeling context. Effective use of these models require a key set of data, internal and external to the business, which are used to estimate the models. Estimated model results are then used to produce forecasts that make use of a specific set of assumptions. Several forecasts are developed with varying assumptions.

Let us examine your business infrastructure, modeling resources now being used and make suggestions as to possible ways reduce uncertainty in decision-making and better align your resources to meet your business goals and objectives. Learn how you can use already existing tools like Proximity DMI Analyst, estimates and projections, and geospatial analysis resources in a way that works harmoniously with your existing operations.

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