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$median household income
patterns by census tract - Houston

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113th Congressional Districts

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US Asian Indian population 2010

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geocoded students and school
McKinney ISD, TX

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geocoded students and school
with tax parcels & streets

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high school attendance zones
with schools by type

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%high school graduates by
census tract - Puerto Rico

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Austin, TX MSA counties &
places 10K+ population markers

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Appalachia counties (green) &
coalfield counties (orange)

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China provinces percent urban &
cities (markers) by state plan

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Honolulu census tracts (red)
& census blocks

Central Park area NYC

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Kansas City Metro & Counties
Home Depot locations (markers)

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World Cities; focus on Spain

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Data Analytics Blog
Power of Combining Maps with Data

Support & Technical Assistance
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Analyzing Characteristics of Congressional Districts
  ... resources to assess & interpret patterns & trends; voter mobilization

The 2014 median household income ($MHI) among the 114th Congressional Districts ranged from $24,429 (NY15) to $115,291 (VA10). See the interactive analysis tables to view/rank/compare wide-ranging demographic-economic characteristics of the 114th Congressional Districts.

Congressional districts face different challenges due to a mix of factors that include urban/rural make-up, geographic structure and socioeconomic composition. See the latest 113th/114th Congress district-by-district thematic maps showing patterns of economic prosperity by census tract/neighborhood -- Examine variation in geographic, demographic and economic patterns from district-to-district.

States made no changes to the 113th Congressional Districts boundaries for the 114th Congress. The boundaries of the 113th and 114th Congressional Districts are the same.

Back then (10/09) ... 'Democratic members of the House of Representatives now represent most of the nation's wealthiest people, a sharp turnaround from the long-standing dominance that Republicans have held over affluent districts. Is this change fundamental and longer-term?' ... Warren Glimpse quoted by USA Today. This page provides access to selected congressional district information resources and examples of how geodemographic data can be used to develop insights.

Selected Congressional District Updates
  ... scroll section
02.03.16. ZIP Code to Congressional District Equivalening
... interactive table relating ZIP code areas to congressional districts

11.07.15. Congressional District Demographic-Economic Interactive Analysis
... examining patterns & characteristics of individual & all districts
... 2014 attributes of 114th Congressional Districts
    General Demographics | Social Characteristics | Economic Characteristics | Housing Characteristics

09.25.15. Congressional District Median Income & Housing Value: 2013-2014
... examining patterns & characteristics of individual & all districts
... incumbent, party, median income, median housing value; annual change
... use interactive table --
... visualizing patterns ... geospatial analysis ...

02.14.15. New Voting Rights Act Demographics
... ACS 2009-13 Citizen Voting Age Population (CVAP) estimates by race/origin
... examining relationships between legislative districts, census tracts, voting districts & census blocks
... interactive table --
... visualizing patterns ... Los Angeles area ...

09.29.14. A Century of County Population Change: 1910 to 2010
... decade to decade population change
... interactive table --
... visualizing patterns ... Dallas metro region ...

09.18.14. 2013 Congressional District Demographics
... most recent demographic-economic estimates for each/all 113th CDs
... API-based subject matter access
... interactive table --

06.01.14. School Age Population Characteristics by 113th Congressional District
... examine school district characteristics within congressional districts.
... see more at Children's Demographics
... click graphic for larger view and details.

03.24.14. Geocode Address Data with 113th Congressional District
... what congressional district is my address located in? state legislative district? voting district?
... APIGeocoder: batch & interactive geocoding
... API-based geocoder can code addresses with wide-ranging geography & demographic-economic attributes.

02.17.14. 113th Congressional District Demographic Interactive Tables
... ACS 2012 1-year 113th Congressional District demographic-economic ranking tables
... General Demographics --
... Social Characteristics --
... Economic Characteristics --
... Housing Characterictics --

11.06.13. State Legislative Districts Urban/Rural Characteristics
... examine America's 6,558 state legislative districts by urban/rural population & land area
... interactive table:

09.23.13. ACS 2012 Demographic-Economic Updates -- new September 2013
... new American Community Survey (ACS) 2012 1-year estimates
      - demographic-economic updates for each 113th Congressional District
... use the interactive table to examine demographic-economic patterns
      - see

09.20.13. 2012 Elections & Vote by Candidate
... Presidential, Senatorial and each Congressional election
... vote count and percent by election, party, candidate
... interactive analysis table:

04.11.13. Census 2010 SF1 Released for 113th Congressional Districts
... population by age, gender, race/origin; household type & relationship; group quarters
... housing units by own/rent/tenure; vacancy; related attributes
... retabulated for the congressional district boundaries of the 113th Congress
... more about Summary File 1 (SF1):

03.06.13. ACS 2011 1-year 113th Congressional District Interactive Ranking Tables
... ACS 2011 1-year 113th Congressional District demographic-economic ranking tables
... General Demographics --
... Social Characteristics --
... Economic Characteristics --
... Housing Characterictics --

03.04.13. ACS 2011 1-year 113th Congressional District Demographic Profiles
... New ACS 2011 1-year 113th Congressional District demographic-economic profiles
... View example for New York 12th --
... Data available for single districts, sets of districts or all districts in various formats
... Contact us for more information (mention ACS 2011 CD Profiles in text section)

03.01.13. Potential Impact of Sequester on School Districts by Congressional District
... mapping patterns of school districts by percent revenue from Federal sources
... view districts most vulnerable to reductions in Federal funding
... school districts shown in context of 113th Congressional Districts
... see

02.01.13. Citizen Voting Age Population Patterns by Census Tract
... ACS 2011 5-year special tabulation estimates
... citizen voting age population by race/ethnicity
... using these data with tools to analyze compliance with Voting Rights Act
... interactive ranking table ...
... visual analysis using GIS tools

01.28.13. 113th Congressional District Urban/Rural Characteristics
... new urban/rural data developed using Census 2010 Summary File 1 data.
... urban and rural population and housing data summarized by 113th Congressional District.

01.25.13. 113th Congressional District Demographics
... new data based on American Community Survey 2011 1-year estimates.
... tabulations for the new 113th congressional district boundaries.

12.28.12. CD Gallery Updated: 113th Congress Congressional District Maps
... State by congressional district maps for all states; sub-state zoom-in for many states.
... District specific focus maps available in all states.
    - district focus maps show CD boundary and thematic pattern map.
    - thematic pattern: economic prosperity (median household income) by census tract.

12.04.12. 113th Congressional Districts & School District Finances
... School district thematic maps (percent Federal revenue) in context of 113th CD boundaries.
... School district-CD map views:
... Applications Gallery:

11.08.12. 113th Congressional District Representatives
... 113th CD Representatives interactive ranking table.
... View/rank/query congressional districts by state, district, representative and affiliation.

10.22.12. 113th Congressional District Boundaries/Shapefiles Available
... These national scope data are now available:
    > 113th Congressional District (CD) boundaries in shapefile structure.
    > Corresponding state upper (SU) and lower (SL) house boundary shapefiles.
    > Census 2010 census block to 113th CD, SU and SL equivalence files.
    > ProximityOne Census 2010 demographics data by 113th CD, SU and SL.
    > ProximityOne ZIP Code-113th CD, SU and SL equivalence file and demographics.
... Contact us (888-364-7656) for mapping, GIS projects, data integration and analysis.

113th Congressional Districts ... click graphic for larger view. Larger map shows CD labels.
Applications gallery:

10.08.12. Congressional District ACS 2011 Interactive Ranking Tables
... New demographic-economic American Community Survey data released September 2012
... Congressional Districts, U.S., states, metros/MSAs, counties, cities
... Several hundred most widely used subject matter items
... General Demographics --
... Social Characteristics --
... Economic Characteristics --
... Housing Characteristics --

08.07.12. Congressional District Demographics via S&O Server
... use no fee S&O Server to access detailed Congressional District data
    and data for a wider range of geography down to block/block group level
... most tables/items from Census 2010 Summary File 1 and ACS 2010 are available
... start using S&O Server today:

03.19.12. Congressional Districts, State Districts & Web Map Server
... Visually examine distribution/relationship of Census 2010 geography:
... drill-down to the census block (11+ million areas) level for anywhere in the U.S.
... view congressional district boundaries in context of other geography
... integrate views based on your shapefiles with TIGER WMS ... all free.

01.15.12. Use your iPad with Interactive Ranking Tables
  ... use the ranking table below with your iPad
  ... iPad/iPhone (iOS 5+) and all major browsers:
      Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera & Chrome on Windows, Mac OS X & Linux
  ... more ranking tables:

11.29.11. Compare Census 2010 Demographics with 2010 1-Year Estimates
... interactive ranking table ... view/rank/query/compare
... all congressional districts and other areas with 65,000 population and over
... in 2010, median household income among congressional districts ranged
      from $34,020 (NY16) to $137,003 (NY18).

11.21.11. Congressional District Comparative Analysis Demographic Profiles
... comparative analysis Census 2010 demographic profiles.
... congressional district, school district, state, U.S.

  11.02.11. New 2013 Enacted Redistricting Shapefiles
      ... Ohio 2013 CD/state house/senate files
      ... Illinois 2013 CD/state house/senate files

  10.04.11. ESEA Title I 2011 Allocations by School District by Congressional District
      ... query/rank/compare $14.2 billion Title 1 funding
  09.30.11. Congressional District Income & Poverty Characteristics: 2009-2010
  09.29.11. New/2010 Congressional District "Richer Demographics" Datasets Now Available
  09.26.11. Employment Situation by Congressional District: 2009-2010
  09.08.11. Comparative Analysis Demographic Profiles
  09.07.11. Measuring & Analyzing the U.S. Voting Population
  09.06.11. Voting Patterns by Congressional District: 2010 Elections
  09.02.11. ZIP Code Demographics by Congressional District
  08.19.11. Analyzing Congressional District Characteristics & Patterns: Webinar
  08.17.11. Congressional District Urban/Rural Population
  06.25.11. Analyzing Congressional District Population by Single Year of Age Variants
  06.15.11. New Demographic Projections Reflect Census 2010 Results
  06.03.11. Comparative Analysis Demographic Profiles
  05.09.11. Census 2010 Demographic Profiles: New Age & Household Characteristics Data
  04.20.11. Census 2010 Group Quarters Data
  04.10.11. State, Regional & Metro Census 2010 Demographic Profiles
  03.28.11. National Scope Congressional District Census 2010 PL Summary File
  03.09.11. Nevada CD #3 Census 2010 Population 1,043,855
  03.04.11. Congressional Districts, State Legislative Districts & Census 2010 Demographics
  02.03.11. View Congressional District Demographics from Census 2010 P.L. 94-171 Program
  01.20.11. Census 2010 Census Block Demographics
  12.21.10. Apportionment Data Released
  12.10.10. Using the New ACS 2005-09 Small Area Demographics
  11.25.10. 76th Congress .. 132 Million Population .. 1940
  11.11.10. America's Veterans by Congressional District
  11.08.10. Congressional Districts & the Housing Market
  11.05.10. Congressional Districts & the Employment Situation
  11.01.10. Congressional Districts & Language Use
10.09.10. Congressional District Demographic Profiles
  ... view congressional district demographic reports.
  ... general demographics, social, economic, housing characteristics.
      - what are health insurance characteristics in a district?
      - language spoken at home?
      - income and employment?
      - housing value and market characteristics?
      - commute patterns and time?
      - age, race/ethnicity & household composition?
      - educational attainment?
  ... compare characteristics for 2008 and 2009.
  ... see how to knit these data with latest monthly unemployment data.
  ... select district & type of profile at

See congressional district demographic-economic ranking table below.

Pattern Analysis & GIS

Texas 17
10.06.10. Examining Unemployment by Congressional District   (toggle)
10.01.10. More About Race & Ethnicity Data   (toggle)
09.28.10. New Interactive Ranking Table with 2009 Data   (toggle)
08.18.10. Examining High Schools by Congressional District   (toggle)
08.16.10. Release of first Census 2010 data nears   (toggle)
08.13.10. Census 2010 & Congressional Apportionment   (toggle)
07.22.10. Use DMILab Tools -- Visual Pattern Analysis   (toggle)
05.19.10. Analyzing Voting Rates & Patterns by State   (toggle)
05.11.10. Comparative Analysis Demographic Profiles   (toggle)
04.26.10. Nov 08 Cong. District Vote by Party RankingTable   (toggle)
04.14.10. Metro & County Demographic Projections to 2020   (toggle)
01.12.10. County Vote Likelihood Projections: 2010/2012   (toggle)
01.08.10. Assessing Voter Participation; Voting Age Data   (toggle)
12.23.09. Estimates Show 17 States May be Redistricted   (toggle)
11.28.09. CD Labor Force & Housing Market Characteristics

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