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School Demographic Analysis

This graphic shows schools located in the Alief Independent School District located in Houston, Texas (black boundary). Operations reviewed here can be performed with any set of schools or school districts in the U.S. The three school marker layers shown in the legend panel at the left are based on the SDA school master file. These three school layers illustrate how different combinations of schools can be shown to meet specific viewing or analytical needs.

An Example. In this example, we illustrate how to use CommunityViewer to determine the number of 12th grade students in the 4 Alief non-charter high schools (green markers in above view). The CV site analysis tool is used with the settings as shown in the next graphic -- use the state school id as the unique identifier, aggregate on the field G12 (enrollment in 12th grade), and perform the operation on schools that meet the query condition slevel='3' (high school) and non-charter (charter<>'1').

The results are shown in the next graphic (zoom-in of previous map view). The site analysis area is a circle with radius of 1.5 miles (shown by red circle). Qualifying schools are shown with cross-hatching. Non-charter high schools have been labeled with the number of 12th grade students. The lower right listbox lists the state school codes for the schools meeting the criteria. The upper table shows the sum of the number of 12th grade students in the qualifying schools (2,331)

The next view is the same as the previous view and illustrates how detailed streets can be added to the view by clicking the Streets layer on in the legend panel.

Instead of selecting only grade 12 to summarize, all grades can be selected. The next view shows the total enrollment for all 4 schools by grade (summing on enrollment by grade across all schools selected).

This same project could be used to perform similar analyses for schools meeting any criteria in any of the school districts covered by the particular project (up to all districts in the U.S.).

To view more about these schools, the SDA feature is used.

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