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Geographic Focus

Proximity specializes in providing information solutions that relate to a wide range of types of geographic areas and entities (e.g. streets, school locations). Links to some of this geographic focus areas are summarized in this section.

Tools to develop/integrate/use multi-dimensional geography
Ranking Tables -- interactive demographic-economic rankings
MetroDynamics -- integrated multi-sourced demographic-economic data
CommunityViewer -- specialized datapaks and data analysis components

Selected Geographic Focus Areas

Census Blocks

  • Census Block Demographics

Census Block Groups

  • Block Group Social Characteristics
  • Block Group Economic Characteristics
  • Block Group Housing Characteristics
  • Census Block Group Shapefiles

Census Tracts

  • Mapping Census Tract Income and Poverty Data


  • Current official demographic estimates

Congressional Districts

  • Congressional District Demographic Characteristics


  • County-to-County Migration
  • County current official demographic estimates
  • Census 2000 DP1-DP4 Demographic Data and Shapefiles

Metropolitan Areas

  • Metropolitan Area Current Demographic Estimates
  • Metropolitan Area Shapefiles


  • Neighborhood Dynamics
  • Census Tract Demographics

Schools & School Districts

  • Census 2000 summary characteristics
  • Current estimates and trends

ZIP Codes

  • ZIP Code information resources

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