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We develop and use mapping and geospatial data management and analysis tools to assist clients with wide-ranging needs. Our CV XE GIS software provides an extensive array of features to meet basic and more advanced geospatial analysis needs. We develop custom geospatial software and data resources. Specialists in demographic and economic data, we help clients integrate multi-sourced data for access and analysis.

Our tools were used in the Census 2010 LUCA program by local government agencies to improve accuracy and coverage of the Census 2010 TIGER system used to tabulate results of Census 2010 and enable wide-ranging mapping and geospatial analysis. We continue to update, expand and augment TIGER shapefiles. Our tools have been used by statewide university systems to geocode and analyze characteristics of more than 100,000 students. Many school districts/education agencies use the integrated toolset to geocode students and analyze performance and neighborhood patterns. Businesses use the integrated toolset to geocode customer data to examine the nature and distribution of sales.

  Software   Data   Services/Solutions
  • CommunityViewer GIS   • Estimates & Projections   • Route Optimization
  • Point to Geocode   • GeoBase   • Geocoding
  • Reproject   • Census Tract Street Index   • Custom Google Earth; Google Maps Apps
  • Geocoder   • Shapefiles   • Geographic data development
  • Logistical; custom software   • Equivalence files   • Redistricting; Trading Areas, Attendance Zones

Geocoding Solutions ... about geocoding ... geocoding your address data with census block coding:
... add latitude-longitude (L-L) and 15-character census block geocode to your address-based data.
... 15-character code: state+county+tract+block (other options available).
... optionally convert your geocoded address data into a point shapefile for mapping and GIS analysis.
Option 1 - we process your address file, attaching L-L and geocode to each address record.
Option 2 - you use our geocoding tools with GeoBase roads to attach L-L/geocodes to address records.
Option 3 - use your geocoding software with the GeoBase roads to attach L-L/geocodes to address records.
Contact us for details (mention geocoding solutions) or call (888)364-7656.

ProximityOne Geocoder ... software options to meet best meet your geocoding needs:
... one geocoding logic/processing code with different deployment options.
... use alternative base files: GeoBase, TIGER, your own roads file.
about geocoding base files
Option 1 - secure geocoding -- run Geocoder on your PC with no Internet/network requirement.
Option 2 - use Geocoder online -- use our Web-based online service for interactive or batch geocoding.
Option 3 - use callable Geocoder on your server: pass one address with geocode return or batch process.
Contact us for details (mention Geocoder) or call (888)364-7656.

Demographic pattern analysis ...
  drill-down to block-intersection.
  (partial list, organized by state)

  click for larger view, then press F11 key
Digital Map Database
The S&O Digital Map Database (DMD) is a digital map database comprised of point, line and area features covering the United States. DMD is used to associate virtually any type of subject matter data to the geographic infrastructure down to the address and intersection level of detail. Vector-based geography include:

  • Points ... address locations, schools, hospitals, among others.
  • Lines ... roads, railroads, water, among others.
  • Area/polygon ... statistical area boundaries, political area boundaries, water, other.

DMD is updated continuously and covers the United States.
additional information.
Contact us for details (mention GeoBase) or call (888)364-7656.

Point to Geocode Software Expanded
You have the points (latitude-longitude) but how to easily associate them with corresponding census block, block group, tract, ZIP code, etc.? The
Point to Census Block software has been generalized to associate any point with its corresponding polygon geocode. See Point to Geocode for more information.

Shapefile Reproject Utility
Reproject shapefiles to geographic, no projection format using the Proximity Reproject utility ... enabling easier integration with
TIGER/Line shapefiles. Complete this form to install the personal use, no fee version (converts any shapefile to no projection). Key in "Reproject utility" in the text section.

CV XE GIS for wide-ranging geospatial analyses
... easiest-to-use map viewer available; minimal learning curve
... advanced database management and geospatial analysis capabilities
... integrate your subject matter data into shapefiles
... add your own shapefiles from any source
... client/server access to wide-ranging shapefiles
... client/server access to multi-sourced subject matter data
... site analysis tool enables viewing attributes of a site and selected/grouped geographic objects
... geocode your address data; build point shapefiles; display addresses in maps

Install the No-Fee Version of CV XE GIS ... use this version of CV XE with pre-existing CV XE projects, shapefiles and many other types of data. Run the CV Installer (click Install CV XE) and examine CV XE operations with census tract geodemographic shapefiles. Add/view/integrate Census Bureau TIGER/Line shapefiles. Please register here (optional, not required to install) to receive information on updates ... check the checkbox "Registering Installation ...".

Updated Census Block Shapefiles ... with integrated demographics
Covering more than 11 million census block areas, wall-to-wall across the U.S., census block shapefiles provide the most granular geographic areas for analysis of Census 2010 demographic data. The census block is the smallest area for which Census 2010 data were tabulated.

Census 2010 Census Block Database ...

... an easy-to-use utility to manipulate dbase files
... convert Census text data into dbase files

Shp2Xml Conversion
Convert TIGER/Line and shapefiles to XML files for use with Google API
... use polyline XML files generated to create views like in MetroView
... integrated viewer
... convert TIGER/Lines to shapefiles
... convert shapefiles to XML files

Selected Topics

  • Demographic Estimates and Projections
    ... interlaced correspondence to census block
    ... compatible across many types of geography

  • Changing Geography of Metropolitan Areas
    ... access unique resources; gain new insights

Changing Demographics in
the Great Plains States
Tour through Time
  • County-to-County Migration Analysis
    ... tool to examine origin and destination of movers

  • What is a GIS? ... GIS & DecisionMaking Information
  • Our unique capabilities
    - Experienced leadership
      ... developer, underlying files to create TIGER System

GIS Products [goto top]


  • Streets Database -- 33 million street segment database
  • Geographic Base Files
  • Census Block Shapefiles
  • School District Shapefiles
  • School Building Point Shapefiles
  • Download shapefiles
  • Geographic identification code scheme

  • Samples of subject matter databases
    ... ready to [optionally] merge with shapefiles
      - Census Tract Demographics national scope, income & poverty
      - Census 2000 Block Demographics 8.2 million census blocks
      - Census 2010 Block Demographics 11 million+ census blocks
      - Congressional District Demographics
      - Choose from many 5-Digit ZIP Code databases


  • CommunityViewer GIS
  • Demographic Data Analyst
  • TLFGeocoder
  • dBMerge - integrate your shapefiles with subject matter data
  • PTG -- Point to Geocode

GIS Services [goto top]

  • GIS and K-12 Education: training, strategy development
    - Decisionmaking information for stakeholders and leadership
    - In the classroom
  • Custom Map Development in any media: print, graphics, pdf, map projects
  • Boundary Files Development: custom boundary and feature files to meet your needs
  • Address Matching and Geocoding: address match and geocode client data
  • Software Development: software to meet any type of requirement
  • Data Integration: putting together multi-sourced data

Additional Information
Proximity develops geodemographic-economic data and analytical tools and helps organizations knit together and use diverse data in a decision-making and analytical framework. We develop custom demographic/economic estimates and projections, develop geographic and geocoded address files, and assist with impact and geospatial analyses. Wide-ranging organizations use our tools (software, data, methodologies) to analyze their own data integrated with other data. Contact Proximity (888-364-7656) with questions about data covered in this section or to discuss custom estimates, projections or analyses for your areas of interest.

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