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  • Population Living Alone & Age 65 Years and Over
  • Personal Economic Well-Being
  • Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

Tuesday/Thursday Web Sessions .. click date for details
12.06.22 .. Accessing & Using Demographic-Economic Data .. every Tuesday
    .. examining the regional economy
12.08.22 .. GeoSpatial Analytics: Using Geographic Information System Tools/Data .. every Thursday
    .. learning/advancing GIS, mapping & geospatial analysis skills

New/Recent Developments/Featured Resources .. click date link for details
11.02.22 .. 118th Congressional Districts .. newly elected representatives .. how CDs are changing
10.19.22 .. VDA Desktop GIS .. available now
10.15.22 .. Long Term Demographic Change: 1940-2020 .. changing population distribution by county
10.11.22 .. Patterns of Changing Income and Poverty by County .. analytics using VDA Web GIS
10.04.22 .. MapBuilder .. Using GIS Tools with TIGER 2022 Digital Map Database .. 2022 annual update
09.29.22 .. Demographic-Economic Data Explorer updated
09.26.22 .. Metro Demographic Economic Data Updates .. interactive data analytics
09.22.22 .. Examining K-12 Schools in context of Neighborhood Demographics
09.16.22 .. Demographic-Economic Data Explorer updated with American Community Survey 2021
09.15.22 .. Crime Data Analytics .. examining crime incidence and neighborhood demographics
08.12.22 .. MetroDynamics updates .. blockgroup, city, school district layers/datasets updated
08.11.22 .. 2020 Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA) Shapefiles released
                  - access/compare with 2010 PUMAs using VDA Web GIS MetroDynamics project
08.11.22 .. Demographic Economic Data Explorer ..updates schedule .. .. Overview Video .. text
08.08.22 .. Patterns of New Monthly Residential Construction by City
08.01.22 .. Examining School District Communities
07.25.22 .. New: Virginia State & Regional GIS Project
07.21.22 .. Chartgraphics & Population Pyramids
07.17.22 .. Blog: Real Quarterly GDP Trends: State of the States
07.15.22 .. 118th Congressional District Updates
07.05.22 .. New: Arizona State & Regional GIS Project
06.20.22 .. New: Nevada State & Regional GIS Project
06.19.22 .. New: Metro/County demographics interactive table
06.15.22 .. VDA Web GIS Smartphone Interface Updated
06.11.22 .. Low & Moderate Income Census Tracts .. updated 2020 Tracts & 2022 LMI Status
06.08.22 .. VDA Web GIS New TIGER Project Added: all U.S. Roads
06.05.22 .. New: Census 2020 & Census 2010 Census Tracts interactive table

VDA Situation & Outlook Start-up View
Percent Population Change 2010-2020 by County

.. examine county-to-county migration by origin and destination county .. integrate with other data .. use the Demographic-Economic Data Explorer (DEDE) API Tool - your resource to access multi-sourced demographic-economic data. Create custom multi-sourced data datasets for use with your software; integrate directly into shapefiles or with other file structures. Create custom multi-sourced demographic-economic profiles to share with stakeholders. Examples: Fresno County, CA ... Monterey County, CA ... San Diego County, CA
Los Angeles County, CA ... Orange County, CA ... Harris County, TX ... Sedgwick County, KS
Orange County, FL ... Maricopa County, AZ ... Cook County, IL

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The world is in constant change. Keeping up with knowing about the where, what, how and how much of change is and might occur can be challenging. "Knowing" is important for many reasons from understanding opportunities that may exist to learning how change might impact us. Visual analysis using interactive mapping is often the most effective and fastest way to answer many types of geodemographic questions. Communicating and collaborating with others can produce better results using maps than using tabular data alone.

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