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DMI Resources

DMI Resources

Kansas City Area Decision Making Information Resources
... updated periodically with topics relating to Missouri data access and use.

Selected Topics

Kansas City Metro and Regional Decision Making Information Projects
  • ready-to-use integrated, multi-sourced demographic/economic data
  • Kansas City MSA DMI Project Applications (PDF) -- register below for no fee userid.

School District Ranking Table ... rank/view Kansas City area districts with other U.S. districts

Interactive Google Maps for Region with School District Boundaries

  • Kansas City Metro Area

Kansas City Metropolitan Statistical Area Geodemographics

Kansas City, MO-KS MSA (28140) County Components
  • Franklin, KS (20059)
  • Johnson, KS (20091)
  • Leavenworth, KS (20103)
  • Linn, KS (20107)
  • Miami, KS (20121)
  • Wyandotte, KS (20209)
  • Bates, MO (29013)
  • Caldwell, MO (29025)
  • Cass, MO (29037)
  • Clay, MO (29047)
  • Clinton, MO (29049)
  • Jackson, MO (29095)
  • Lafayette, MO (29107)
  • Platte, MO (29165)
  • Ray, MO (29177)

(bold state+county FIPS code indicates Census TIGER/Line file Accuracy Improvement Project completed for this county)

Kansas City MSA DMI Project Applications (PDF) -- register below for no fee userid.

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