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SDViewer -- Associating ZIP Codes and School Districts

SDViewer can associate a ZIP code location with corresponding school district. Suppose an address has ZIP code 66606. In what school district is this ZIP code located? Key in 66606 in the upper left edit box and click the ViewZIP button. The ZIP code location flashes red and turns blue as shown below.

click for larger view

With a national view, the specific school district cannot be viewed (polygons are too dense and relatively too small). The zoom tool is used to zoom into the area where the ZIP code is located. The identify tool is then used to click on the district area, as shown below, and a profile of the district is displayed. The ZIP code is located in Topeka, KS school district. The identify tool operates relative to the active layer. To make a layer active, click on the layer name in the legend panel; the layer name area in the legend then turns blue showing that this is the active layer.

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